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What industries can UV flatbed printers adapt to?

Click:[1263] Publish Time:2019-12-03

       Today,there are many companies using UV flatbed printers to produce. With the continuous expansion of the UV flatbed printer market 

in recent years, more and more people have experienced the powerful multi-industry application functions of UV printers.

       UV printers, also known as UV flatbed printers or UV digital printing machines, UV automatic printing machines, etc., cash has so 

many market advocates, not only because of its technical support, but also because of its powerful printing capabilities. Then,let me tell

you which industries can UV flatbed printers adapt to?

1.Signage industry

       UV flatbed inkjet printer can directly print patterns on the surface of various hard signage materials, replacing traditional 

signage processes such as screen printing, corrosion, and film, which not only reduces the process, reduces costs, but also increases the 

degree of firmness. It is an electrical signage and transportation Ideal equipment for manufacturers such as signs, safety signs, counter-

markers, etc.

                                 uvled curing .jpg

2.Advertising industry

       Landscapes, photos, promotional materials, etc. can be spray-painted on the surface of glass, wood, PVC,PP,PE,textiles, aluminum, 

 plexiglass, cardboard, acrylic, MDF, Chevron or metal sheet for advertising and exhibition services , POP billboards, counter-markers,signs,

 acrylic, leather printing, airport media, exhibition advertising printing and other fields.


       Can print on thermos cups, wine bottles, lipstick tubes, bamboo cans, fishing rods, pen holders, 3D digital, round toys.

                                  uvled curing.jpg

4.Art decoration field

       Art glass inkjet printing, wooden crafts, digital image production, tourist souvenir production.

5.Glass industry

       The UV flatbed inkjet printer can directly print various patterns on the glass surface, instead of manual painting, to achieve a 

 real-time processing process without plate, high efficiency, low cost, and rich colors. The convenience of operation saves a lot of time for 

 customers in the glass industry. Equipment has brought considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.

6.Digital enclosure industry

       You can directly print various personalized patterns and even photos you want to print on U disks, mobile phone cases, computer 

 cases, mobile power cases, various protective cases, and leather cases, which can truly achieve personalized customization and DIY production. 

7.Murals, decorative paintings, oil paintings

       It can directly print patterns on the surface of ceramics and wood products, instead of manual painting, screen printing and 

 other processes. After post-processing, the products meet the requirements of wear resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, 

 radiation resistance, and meet the needs of personalized decoration, achieving high efficiency Low-cost instant processing and the advent of 

 flatbed inkjet printers have brought more vitality and artistic expression to the mural and decorative painting industries.

                                  uvled curing

8.Decoration industry

       UV flatbed inkjet printer can directly print the required patterns on the surface of ceilings, fire-proof panels, aluminum-plastic 

 panels, MDF, stone, ceramics, glass and other decorative materials to meet the needs of personalized decoration, bringing considerable 

 economic benefits to architectural decoration companies benefit

9.Exhibition board production

       UV platform inkjet printer can directly print the required pattern on the surface of various advertising boards, such as KT board, 

 Chevron board, plexiglass, etc., instead of photo inkjet and laminating process, without degumming, non-foaming, low cost, time saving 

 and efficient .

10.Building materials decoration field

       You can spray the picture of your choice on glass sliding doors, tiles, carpets, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, wood panels, 

 cabinets, plexiglass panels and other media, which can make the indoor and outdoor buildings fully reflect personal characteristics and 

 reflect cultural characteristics.