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What is the difference between UVLED curing lamp and UV mercury lamp in UV curing application?

Click:[709] Publish Time:2021-09-29

At present, UV curing is mainly carried out by two light sources: UV mercury lamp and UVLED curing lamp. In essence, UV mercury lamp and UVLED curing lamp emit ultraviolet rays of the appropriate band to cause cross-linking and polymerization reactions within the UV material. When enough ultraviolet energy is absorbed, the UV glue will change from liquid to solid. This reaction is called UV curing.


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The curing principle of UV mercury lamp and UVLED curing lamp is the same, then, what is the difference between these two lamps?

UVLED curing lamp emits ultraviolet light source through LED lamp beads, which is the conversion of electric energy to light energy, with high energy conversion efficiency and low power consumption. Compared with mercury lamps, it can save a lot of electric energy; UVLED curing machine uses LED smart display Control, you can freely set the power size and irradiation time, the device can be used immediately, and the maximum power output can be reached in an instant, and the service life is not affected by the closing of the switch; UVLED curing lamps are also called "cold light sources" curing lamps, mainly because of the uvled light source It does not contain infrared spectrum and no thermal radiation damage. It is a single-band ultraviolet light source. The common wavelength bands are 365±5nm and 395±5nm. It is used for surface drying of UV glue/UV ink and other materials. It is especially suitable for LCD screens or The surface curing of heat-sensitive materials in the ink printing industry; no consumables and vulnerable parts, the average use time is about 20,000 hours or more; energy saving, environmental protection, pollution-free, has become a new type of environmentally friendly energy.


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Traditional uv mercury lamps are also called high-pressure gas discharge lamps. High-intensity ultraviolet light is generated through the metal vapor in the uv lamp tube. The spectral range is relatively wide. The UV mercury lamp band range is mainly concentrated between 350-450nm, and it also produces infrared bands. , The surface of the irradiated UV material will be damaged by thermal radiation, and the temperature in the mercury lamp workshop will rise relatively quickly; the life cycle of the UV mercury lamp is short, and the average use time of the lamp tube is 400-800h, and the lamp consumables need to be replaced frequently ; UV mercury lamp has a large energy loss, only a small part of the light source produced will be absorbed by UV materials, most of which will be converted into heat; high-pressure mercury lamps need to be preheated before use, and need to be turned on all the time during work, and the operation is flexible Low, and the power consumption is relatively large; the UV mercury lamp will produce "ozone" gas when in use, which will seriously pollute the environmental quality in the workshop, and at the same time will produce "mercury metal" waste, which will pollute the environment. UV mercury lamps have been gradually replaced by new LED UV curing lamps.


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