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Application range of UV curing machine

Click:[670] Publish Time:2021-10-08

UV curing machine refers to a curing mechanical equipment that irradiates UV coatings such as UV ink, UV glue, and UV paint through LED ultraviolet rays to achieve hard bottoming.

UV curing machines are widely used in electronic products, fiber optic cables, display screens, ink printing, 3D printing, furniture, packaging and other industries. Various screen printing large format carton packaging, factory nameplates and other UV printing ink curing, porcelain, electronic calendar, logo, UV curing board, large and medium-sized sheet varnish drying equipment. The UV curing machine can cure small plastic electronic devices, UV super glue, electronic optical glue, electronic components, high-precision parts, LCD screens, micro motors, motors, and UV curing of the edges of laminated glass.

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UV curing machine can be used for double-sided or double-sided printing UV curing equipment. The UV curing machine can be used for the connection and conversion of miscellaneous tape printing, as well as continuous UV curing products. Used for plastic buckles, stainless steel signs, PE plastic shell UV oil, UV glue drying and curing, ceramic capacitor production lines, and small and medium-sized electronic components marking hard-bottom mechanical equipment. For laboratory applications, generally many scientific research units and laboratories need UV curing machines.

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