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Application field in UV curing system

Click:[548] Publish Time:2021-11-02

The so-called ultraviolet rays (UltravioletRays/abbreviated UV) refers to the visible rays of the sun's rays (red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple), and the light that is invisible to the naked eye other than purple. Ultraviolet is the general term for radiation with wavelengths from 10nm to 400nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. According to the different wavelengths, ultraviolet rays are generally divided into three bands: A, B, and C, as follows: UVA is 400-315nm, UVB is 315-280nm, and UVC is 280-100nm. Corresponding to different wavelengths, specific UVLED curing machine applications are different.


The typical applications of UVA band are UV curing and UV inkjet printing. The representative wavelengths are 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm. UVLED light curing applications include UV adhesive curing in display, electronic medical, instrument and other industries; building materials, furniture Curing of UV coatings in industries such as, home appliances, automobiles, etc.; curing of UV inks in industries such as printing and packaging... Among them, the UV LED decorative panel industry has become a hot spot. The advantage of UV curing machines is that they can produce environmentally friendly sheets with zero formaldehyde. , And energy-saving 90%, large output, coin scratch resistance, comprehensive economic benefits and other advantages. This means that the UVLED curing market is an all-round and full-cycle application product market.


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Microelectronics industry UV light curing application: component assembly (camera lens, earpiece, microphone, housing, liquid crystal module, touch screen coating, etc.), hard disk head assembly (gold wire fixing, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.), DVD /Digital camera (lens, lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement), motor and component assembly (wire, coil fixing, coil end fixing, PTC/NTC component bonding, transformer core protection), semiconductor chip (moisture-proof protective coating , Wafer mask, wafer pollution inspection, UV tape exposure, wafer polishing inspection), sensor production (gas sensor, photoelectric sensor, optical fiber sensor, photoelectric encoder, etc.).


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