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UVLED light source is better than traditional mercury lamp UV curing technology

Click:[584] Publish Time:2021-11-04

1. UVLED light source is different from traditional high-pressure mercury lamp curing equipment


A: The UV light produced by the traditional curing machine seems to have high brightness and high heat. In fact, its spectrum is very broad. The truly effective curing ultraviolet spectrum only occupies a part of the energy, a considerable part of which is in the visible light range (stray light) and generates heat, which seriously damages the eyes of the operator and is likely to cause thermal deformation of the processed workpiece.


B: The UVLED light source emits high-purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, which is a cold light source; the temperature of the workpiece is only increased by about 3 degrees, and the workpiece will not be deformed. Its energy is highly concentrated in the UV spectrum with effective curing effect. The actual use effect is equivalent to that of a high-pressure mercury lamp with a light intensity of 1000-2000mw, shortening the curing time to 0.5-5 seconds.


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2. UVLED light source greatly reduces production costs


A: Due to the LED lighting method, the service life exceeds 25,000 hours, and the energy-saving design is used to light up when needed, and the power consumption is low.


B: The UVLED light source has a light body and can be easily integrated into the automatic assembly process or used as a complete desktop curing system.


C: The UVLED light source is controlled by a computer. Manual or automatic control operation can be selected according to actual needs, and the time required for light irradiation (accurate to 0.01S) can be set to further support high-precision bonding requirements and reduce manual operation time errors.


D: UVLED curing equipment produces almost no heat, is not fragile, and does not contain mercury; the maintenance cost is very low.


3. The special condenser lens assembly equipped with UVLED also makes its energy highly concentrated on the curing point to improve curing efficiency.


4. It emits high-energy ultraviolet rays immediately without preheating. The high-energy 365nm ultraviolet LED is used to instantly emit high-energy ultraviolet rays to quickly complete the curing of UV glue, which greatly improves production efficiency.


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