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What is the reason for using UVLED curing machine for speaker UV glue curing?

Click:[542] Publish Time:2021-12-18

As a manufacturer of UVLED curing machines,Height-LED also has UVLED curing machines used in the speaker industry. The following editor will tell you from the curing method, why the speaker UV glue curing is more suitable for UVLED curing machines.


Using UVLED curing UV glue can quickly complete the curing (calculated in seconds), the curing effect is good, and due to the small size of the micro speaker, the components are basically relatively precise dispensing, and the UVLED point light source needs to be used for precise curing, plus The speakers are mostly made of plastic, and UVLED cold light sources are more suitable.


UVLED curing machine.jpg

Height-LED UVLED curing machine has the following advantages:


1. No need to preheat, ready to use;


2. Concentrated spectral distribution and high ultraviolet energy;


3. Ultraviolet light has high purity and no heat radiation;


4. Long service life, low energy consumption, and lower maintenance cost;


5. It does not contain mercury pollution and is more environmentally friendly.


Height-LED can provide satisfactory and suitable UVLED curing solutions for your curing needs!