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Advantages of retrofitting UVLED curing systems for offset presses

Click:[579] Publish Time:2022-02-12

In the printing industry, UVLLED curing systems have gradually replaced UV mercury lamps. So, what are the advantages of retrofitting UVLED curing systems for offset presses?


Low power consumption

The power consumption of the UVLED curing system is 30% of that of the UV mercury lamp.


Momentary switch

It can reach the maximum output power without preheating when it is turned on, and it can be restarted instantly after it is turned off.


UVLED curing system.jpg

long lasting

The service life of the UVLED curing system is more than 10 times that of the UV mercury lamp, and the service life is not affected by the number of switches.


Safety and environmental protection

In contrast to UV mercury lamps, UVLED curing systems do not contain mercury and produce ozone.


Improve efficiency

Using UVLED curing system, with UV ink printing, the delivery time is short, which greatly improves the printing efficiency.


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