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How to choose UVLED degumming machine? What are the advantages

Click:[652] Publish Time:2022-03-29

There are many types of UV curing equipment now, and the functions presented by different types of UV curing equipment are different, and the applied scenarios are also more different. In many UV curing equipment, UVLED debonding The use of the machine is also very important.


To choose a UVLED degumming machine, you must first understand its structure. The structure is a box-type structure, with a UVLED irradiation head and a control board inside. This irradiation head is integrated with imported high-intensity ultraviolet LEDs. The UV spectral wavelength is 365nm. Forced air cooling is used for heat dissipation, the light source output area is large, and there is a sensor at the door of the box, the door closing light is on and the opening light is off, which effectively saves the loss of resources and prolongs the service life of the LED, so in this case, choose UVLED degumming machine is also very important, so as to ensure more stable quality and performance.


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Secondly, when choosing a UVLED degumming machine, you should also pay attention to the brand. There are many brands of UV degumming machines on the market, but no matter from the perspective of strength or research and development, only brands with professional technology can be used in UV degumming. It ensures the quality in the production of the machine, and also ensures that the internal structure will be more reasonable. Therefore, the use of UV debonding machine has the advantages of energy saving, long service life, reduced equipment investment cost, transparent window, and product status can be observed. It has good sealing performance and is green and environmentally friendly, so there are many guarantees for the use of UV debonding machine.


The quality of the UV degumming machine produced by Height-LED is guaranteed, and it also has more advantages in use, which can meet the actual production needs.


As a manufacturer of UVLED curing equipment, Shenzhen Height-LED is committed to providing customers with a complete set of curing solutions. The products have standard products and can also customize products according to customer needs. If you have UVLED curing requirements, you can contact online customer service, or call for consultation and exchange.