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UVLED curing machine for curing mobile phone case UV ink

Click:[683] Publish Time:2022-03-30

With the continuous popularization and development of UV ink and UVLED curing machine, the ink printing industry on mobile phone shells is gradually applied to UV ink and UVLED curing machine. Compared with traditional inks and UV mercury lamps, UVLED curing machines have strong competitiveness in terms of production efficiency, product quality, safety and environmental protection.


Advantages of UVLED curing machine for curing mobile phone case ink:


1. The UVLED curing machine is a cold curing light source, which can emit a single-band ultraviolet curing light source and is suitable for substrates of many materials;


2. The UVLED light source is turned on and off immediately, no need to preheat in advance, reducing equipment capital investment and saving power consumption;


Dual track UVLED curing machine.jpg

3. The curing speed of the UVLED curing machine is fast, and the drying of the UV ink can be completed in just a few seconds, which can effectively improve the production efficiency;


4. UVLED curing lamp does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, and is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly curing technology;


5. The UVLED ultraviolet light source has a long service life, which can be used for more than 20,000 hours, and there is no need to replace the LED tube regularly like a mercury lamp.


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