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What are the advantages of nitrogen-filled UV decouplers

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 What are the advantages of nitrogen-filled UV decouplers 

  1, The addition of nitrogen allows the discharge of other interfering gases. 

  2, zero maintenance costs, long-term work * replacement of irradiated light source parts. 

  3、Multiple Wafer can be put in to unglue at the same time. 

  4, Service life is 10 times longer than ordinary mercury lamp life, continuous service life of 15000-20000H. 

  5、Enclosed light source design, no UV side leakage, no damage to human body 

  6、Adjustable time and brightness, touch screen operation, simple and convenient.  

  7, LED cold light source, environmentally friendly products, with low temperature, low energy consumption, compact structure, uniform exposure, is the ideal model for the semiconductor industry, and low temperature on the heat-sensitive materials without damage.