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What are the uses of UVLED curing lamps

Click:[633] Publish Time:2022-11-18


  1, UV curing lamp for laminating machine, printing machine, exposure machine, shadowless glue curing.

  2, UV glue refers to ultraviolet uv glue curing lamp, the need for ultraviolet light to cure, if there is no UV lamp can be cured in the sun which is slower, LED UV curing lamp only 5 stopwatch, 30 seconds all dry suitable for factory production.  

  3, usually, no matter how many times, as long as the curing requirements can be met. But UV lamps UV curing machine has problems, high temperature will lead to some products discoloration, such as lenses, surface glass, long time to high temperature when the surface is yellow, together with the substrate, of course, this has some relationship, UV mercury lamp UV oven speed control is to control UV energy. Now curing UV glue can use UVLED light source, this advantage is particularly obvious, especially UV glue curing. This light source can control the intensity of the light source. 

  4, uv glue curing lamp which has two common reasons. First, the UV lamp energy is not enough, it is recommended to measure the UV lamp energy value. Secondly, UV light-emitting band and UV ink, UV paint, UV glue strip required band is not consistent, resulting in non-drying. The design of the UV curing equipment is also unreasonable, which is very rare. Professional UV ink solutions, UV glue, UV paint, UV lacquer do not dry, slow and do not dry etc. Professional wooden furniture, furniture, flooring, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, spray painting, spraying UV curing equipment and other energy-saving transformation, the actual test of the energy meter, zero to pilot when the full power to work, can not meet the requirements of energy saving, what is not.  

  5, it can be used as a large solar curing,UV adhesive for performance and use, and to provide customers with the best glue. Lithium battery protection UV adhesive. Terminal fixing UV adhesive. Electronic sealing UV adhesive. Acrylic UV adhesive. LED lens UV adhesive. Camera focus fixing UV adhesive etc.