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UV curing coating applications

Click:[1219] Publish Time:2018-04-17

As UVLED curing with fast curing, low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection and so on. In recent years, UVLED curing not only in the wood coatings, metal decoration and printing industry and other aspects of the gradual replacement of traditional coatings, and has begun to be widely used in optical lenses, electronic devices, fiber coating and other precision industries. The following lists the various applications of UV and EB curing.

1. Wood coating: wood primer and surface varnish as well as paint, fill (fill the inside of the wood and surface space), water-based furniture coating.

2. Plastic coating: Thin film coating and hard coating, automotive parts, equipment, CD-ROM, credit card, window film and automotive headlamps and light-emitting parts of the metalized plastic substrate coating.

3. Paper coating: decorative paper, labels, cards and writing on the surface of the light, metal paper substrate coating.

4. Floor coating: vinyl carpet, vinyl silicon parquet.

5. Metal coating: food canned, car and equipment decoration, traffic tunnel wall panels.

6. Silicone coating (paper / film): stripping lining, labels, castings.

7. Electronic coating: conformal coating, encapsulating compounds, photoresist, soft (hard) disk, CD, video tape, tape fiber.

8. Ink: flatbed printing (cardboard boxes, flexible packaging, magazines, publications), screen printing (plastic labels, plastic bottles, metal foil, paper and cardboard packaging) and offset printing.

9. Adhesives: laminates (paper or film / wood, film / film, paper / foil, etc.), ordinary bonding (automotive parts, optical devices) and pressure sensitive adhesive (labels, contact paper / film, etc.).

10. Crosslinking: heat shrinkable film, electrically insulating material.


Printing technology began to use the first radiation curing coating technology, and still has great potential for development. As the standard UV curing device is easy to install on the original equipment, thus lifting the equipment difficulties, so that a narrow web offset, label and stamp screen printing process can be widely used. As a result of the use of UV curing process, so the ink gloss, adhesion and wear resistance are improved. The US packaging industry tends to use electron beam curing, while Europe tends to use UV curing. For liquid food packaging cardboard is no longer required to use electronic beam curing ink to print, UV curing ink has also been identified harmless, which can use a cheaper screen printing process to print food packaging cardboard; in the telephone and credit card printing In the process, UV-curable offset printing has also been widely used. Soft printing ink viscosity is too large, can not be enough to spread and bond on the film, and there is no suitable high-speed printing presses and UV systems in combination with the standard equipment, so is currently working on water-based soft printing ink, Manufacturers have begun to produce presses that allow the use of higher viscosity inks.