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UVLED flexo printing technology international trends

Click:[1426] Publish Time:2018-03-24

In recent years, the flexible printing at home and abroad in the field of packaging and printing industry, is developing rapidly, in addition to UVLED flexo itself has its advantages and technical progress, one of the very important reason is that it adapt to the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging, can be widely used non-toxic, no residual solvents, no pollution of the environment of water-based ink, UV ink and alcohol soluble ink, there is no harm to human body.
Typically, UVLED flexo printing speed can reach above 100 m/min, some high-quality UVLED flexo machine even can reach above 200 m/mim, add line number can reach 175 line/inch - 200 line/inch.UVLED flexo machine has simple structure, easy operation, allowing a variety of process online operations, such as on the color box printing process can be folding carton of each production process is an organic whole repeatedly, so as to realize the foreground input reel material, directly behind the folding carton finished product output.This way to shorten the production workflow, reduce the waste, saves the manpower, thereby significantly reducing the cost of production.In today's society, customers on the color box packaging printing quality more and more strict, more and more captious, between different batches of the stability of the color is a customer attaches great importance to the quality of the indicators, in this respect UVLED flexo process advantages are incomparable.
UVLED flexo is fast to spread around the world, is still mainly used in packaging and printing aspects.As UVLED flexo machine, ink, plate technology unceasing enhancement, such as around the world, UVLED flexo in gravure market gradually.
According to the international company's investigation and statistics, the flexible printing in the recent ten years the size of the market expanded by more than a third, from 2002 euros in 83 billion to expand to 2012 euros in 112 billion, the average annual growth of 3.5%.Printing industry in the world, especially in developed countries generally stagnation or even decline under the big background, flexible printing market can have a growth rate of 3.5%, it is very rare.UVLED flexo is more and more is accepted and used for more printing enterprise customers, become a mainstream of green environmental protection and efficient way of printing.Globally, UVLED flexo dominates the market share of more than 64% for flexible packaging field.Market share increase year by year, the increasingly highlight LEDUV flexo mainstream printing mode as an important international status.