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What are the differences between UVLED curing lamps and traditional mercury lamps

Click:[876] Publish Time:2022-12-13


  1, using LED lighting mode, can effectively save power consumption, irradiation only consumes power.  

  2, UV light irradiation, UVLED curing machine irradiation photoinitiator is triggered to produce bases or swimming ions, these free radicals or ions and pre-polymer or double bond unsaturated monomer cross-linking reaction, the formation of individual genes, UVLED these individual genes began to produce a chain reaction molecular polymer solid, the solidification process is completely over.  

  3, UVLED curing lamp compared with high-pressure mercury lamp, the time to replace the bulb is shortened, UVLED curing machine to save the cost of replacing the bulb, effectively reducing the cost of consumables. 

  4, according to the substrate, coating and curing distance, UVLED curing equipment curing speed should be properly adjusted, curing speed is too fast, the UV coating on the coating substrate sticky or dry. The speed and aging of the substrate surface is slower.  

  5, direct irradiation LED does not require the output of the optical cable, thereby reducing the loss of optical cable. Need to replace the lens of the irradiated head, you can change the diameter of the output spot and choose the appropriate spot size of the workpiece from the four lenses, thus achieving a reliable connection. 

  6,The machine cannot be replaced with any spare parts within 5-8 years of use, saving over $10,000 per year compared to traditional UV irradiators. The UVLED curing machine can output four spot diameters to complete the UV curing and achieve high precision parts.