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What are the features of the UVLED curing box?

Click:[716] Publish Time:2022-12-16

  What are the features of the UVLED curing box

  1、Light quality, small volume, easy to move, powerful  

  2、UVLED curing box curing distance can be adjusted 

  3、the use of closed structure, there will be no UV light leakage  

  4、 equipment integrated retractable shade type manual shutter to ensure excellent repeatability of UVLED curing box curing, protect the user from UV radiation when opening and closing the curing box door.  

  5、 Hite Ned UVLED curing box with modular design, can be handheld, fixed, box type use.  

  6、UV curing box with reflective inner wall structure and optimised design of the reflector, can ensure uniform irradiation effect.  

  7、 UV curing box with a box door, easy to open and close, in the process of curing components, to protect the user from UV radiation 

  8、Using touch screen control interface, easy to operate  

  9、Built-in exhaust fan at the top, can effectively dissipate heat  

  10、Built in observation window, can monitor the working status in real time  

  11、Easy to move or install on customer's fixture, UVLED curing box conveyor or automated machine  

  12、light source, power supply, curing box are integrated cooling fan, so that the UV curing box in a good heat dissipation environment work, increasing the reliability of the system