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What are the advantages and features of the cell culture plant

Click:[609] Publish Time:2022-12-13


  When culturing cells we usually need to use a variety of cell culture vessels, depending on the characteristics of the cells and the size of the culture. Cell culture plants are a common type of vessel for large-scale cell culture, so what are the advantages and features of cell culture plants? 

  The Cell Culture Factory is different from other bottle and plate culture vessels in that it has a special design with a multi-layer structure. Our common specifications include 1 layer, 2 layers, 5 layers, 10 layers, 40 layers, etc. A liquid inlet is passed between the layers and the cells are attached to the bottom for growth and reproduction. One of its outstanding features is the large culture area, one 10-layer cell culture factory has a culture area equivalent to 85 T75 cell culture bottles, and the layers are connected by a special process to ensure the stability of the internal environment.  

  The advantages of the cell factory assembly equipment are mainly in three areas: space saving, reduced manual handling and reduced risk of contamination. The design of the multi-layer structure allows the expansion of the culture scale to be achieved without changing the design of the plant. In the case of higher level plants, the operation can be assisted by automated equipment, reducing manual operations. This type of culture vessel can also be connected in series with several vessels with the help of special supporting piping to achieve airtight cell culture and reduce the risk of exogenous contamination during operation.  

  These are the advantages and features of cell culture plants. If you still do not understand what you have read, please feel free to consult us online.