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What is the principle of dual curing with uvled curing machines?

Click:[543] Publish Time:2022-11-18

What is the principle of dual curing with uvled curing machines  

  uv curing machine general role in the bonding curing of transparent objects, as well as product surface coating curing applications, and because uvled curing machine UV light curing process is triggered by light, in colored systems and opaque materials on the more difficult deep curing, including some product components are too complex in shape, but also unfavorable to UVLED light curing. In response to this problem, Hite Ned after research and development, testing, uvled curing machine using light curing and other UV light curing methods combined with a dual UV light curing system, through two independent with different reaction principles of the stages to complete the above curing difficulties. 

  uvled curing machine dual UV light curing is divided into two stages, one of which is through the heat curing, moisture light curing, oxidation light curing or anaerobic light curing and other dark reactions to carry out the other stage is through the UV light reaction,. This allows the system to be quickly shaped or "surface-dried" using UV light, while the "shadow" part or inner layer is fully cured using the dark reaction to "dry". 

  Double UV light curing extends the application of UV light curing adhesives in opaque media, complex shapes of substrates with ultra-thick adhesive layers and coloured adhesive layers. This system gives uv led curing machine UV light curing adhesive more powerful competitive. The use of epoxy resin, polyester triol, polyurethane diol and sulfur salt photoinitiator synthesis uv light curing adhesive.