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What are the main uses of UVLED curing machines in screen printing?

Click:[619] Publish Time:2021-12-14

As a new green curing method, UVLED curing machine has quickly occupied an important position in curing applications due to its fast curing speed, energy saving, environmental protection, and convenient operation. Especially in the printing industry, UVLED curing machines have largely replaced UV mercury lamp applications. Screen printing is also widely used for UVLED curing machines.


As a manufacturer of UVLED curing machines, Height-LED also has a series of mature products in the screen printing industry, and has also done many customers who upgraded the mercury lamp production line to the UVLED curing production line. What aspects of UVLED curing can be used for screen printing? Height-LED has compiled the following main application points for your reference.


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At present, the UVLED curing machine of Height-LED is mainly used in the following aspects in screen printing:


1. Paper printing: fine art printing-advertisements, pictorials, calendars, lantern paper, etc. Trademark printing, transfer printing, packaging printing, building materials printing, etc.


2. Plastic printing: plastic film-vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags, etc. Plastic standard plates-fake metal composite materials and various standard plates. Production parts-instrument parts.


3. Wood products printing: handicrafts-lacquerware, wooden handicrafts, toys. Process semi-manufactured products-sporting goods, wood panels, ceilings, road signs, signs, fake metal panels, billboards, etc.


4. Metal products printing: metal cylinders, metal utensils, metal products.


5. Printing of glass and ceramic products: glass-mirrors, glass plates, cups, bottles, etc. Ceramics-utensils, handicrafts.


6. Signs: text explanatory boards, dials, shaped items.


7. Circuit board printing: printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrates, thick film integrated circuit boards.


8. Printing and dyeing: printing and dyeing-flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear, etc. 'Other printing-pockets, shoes, bibs and various bags, backpacks, handbags, school bags, etc.


9. Leather product printing.


If you also have UVLED screen printing needs, you can contact us through online customer service, website message, call, email, etc. Height-LED will provide you with a satisfactory and suitable UVLED curing solution for your printing and curing needs!