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Height-led exhibits uv led curing solutions on The 33rd Central Plain Medical Equipment (Spring 2018) Exhibition

Click:[1651] Publish Time:2018-03-13

         Visit booth G09F to learn more about uv led curing solutions for medical instrument.

   Height-led will exhibit uv led curing solutions for medical instrument on The 33rd Central Plain  Medical Equipment (Spring 2018) Exhibition, welcom to your visit.


The main application of uv ledcuring on  medical instrument:

1 mask

2 syringe

3 catheter assembly (guide pipe, intravenous infusion tube)

4 vascular implants

5 endoscopic assembly

6 artery location

7 insulin pen

8 tubular drainage device

9 tracheal tube

10 blood oxygenation

11 hearing aids

12 detection, monitoring, and imaging devices

13 biochip