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Hitenide UVLED curing machine is used for curing of UV encapsulant for PCB circuit boards

Click:[1009] Publish Time:2022-05-25

In the production of electronic products, PCB circuit boards are indispensable. In the production of electronic products, integrated circuit boards, including silicon substrates, need to use UV glue, including UV encapsulation glue, UV potting glue, UV three-proof paint, etc., and these UV glues need to be cured with a UVLED curing machine. Today, Height-LED will share with you the difference between UVLED curing technology and glue commonly used for circuit board packaging.

Compared with ordinary glue encapsulation, UV curing encapsulation technology has the following advantages: low curing temperature, can reduce the damage to circuit boards caused by high temperature, can also be used for heat-sensitive materials, fast curing speed (can be cured in a few seconds), improve production efficiency . In addition, compared with mercury lamps, the Height-LED UVLED curing machine can save about 90% of energy consumption, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the UVLED curing machine is easy to operate, occupies a small area, and can be flexibly applied to various usage scenarios.

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In terms of glue, compared with traditional solvent encapsulants, UV encapsulant has low volatility monomers and oligomers, and does not use solvents, so there is basically no air pollution and waste water pollution problems.

In general, UV encapsulation glue + UVLED curing machine is the current circuit board packaging and curing method with better performance, and it is also the method adopted by most manufacturers.

As a UVLED curing machine manufacturer, the UVLED curing machine produced by Height-LED is also widely used in the manufacture and production of circuit boards. If you also have related curing needs, you can contact us by phone, website message, online customer, email, etc. Height-LED will provide you with a one-stop solution according to your needs!