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What are the factors affecting the effect of UVLED curing?

Click:[643] Publish Time:2022-12-16


  What are the factors affecting the effect of UVLED curing? I believe this is a question that many customers want to understand. In the actual curing work in the case of poor curing, itmust be the quality of UVLED curing machine problems? Could it be caused by other reasons? In response to these common problems, Hitechnider compiled a few major factors affecting the UVLED curing effect.

  1、 the characteristics of the cured material  

  UVLED curing machine curing speed and effect, a large part of the decision in the UV light into the cured material in order to trigger the ease of photoinitiated molecules. UV curing is determined by the collision of photons and molecules. Light can initiate a uniform spread of molecules through the material. In addition to the characteristics of the UVLED curing machine, the optical and thermodynamic properties of the cured material, their role with each other and radiation energy, etc., all have a significant impact on the curing process.  

  2, reflection and scattering  

  As opposed to absorption, light energy is more often redirected by the ink, producing reflections and scattering, which are generally caused by the base material or pigment in the curable material. These factors reduce the amount of UV energy reaching the deeper layers, but improve the curing efficiency at the point of reaction. 

  3、 The significance of spectral absorbance  

  The absorption of a substance into the spectrum varies with the wavelength. Obviously, short UV wavelengths (200 to 300 nm) will be absorbed at the surface and not reach the bottom layer at all. Even a photoinitiator will absorb the wavelength range to which it is sensitive, thus preventing that wavelength from reaching the deeper photoinitiating molecules. 

  4、 Spectral absorption rate 

  Light energy is the amount of wavelength absorbed into the UV coating over a gradually increasing thickness. The more energy absorbed near the surface means that the deeper layers receive less energy. However, this varies with the wavelength. The total spectral absorption rate includes all the effects from photoinitiators, single molecule substances, zwitterions and additives including pigments.  

  5、The right wavelength for UVLED curing machine  

  Different UV coatings, curing the required UVLED wavelength varies. In the choice of UVLED curing machine, you need to choose according to the wavelength required for UV coatings. Use the appropriate wavelength of UVLED curing machine, in order to obtain better curing results.  

  6、infrared absorption rate  

  Temperature has a significant impact on the rate of curing reaction; although the temperature rise in the reaction process also has a relative role. On the UVLED curing machine curing temperature rise, Yun Tong Technology has previously issued an article to explain in detail, you can search the website article keywords "temperature rise" click to view.