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UVLED rotary curing oven (250x250mm)


Rotary curing oven luminous area: top 250 x 250mm, side 250mm x 60mm x 3
UVLED curing oven wavelength:365nm
Dimensions:L708mm x W470mm x H518mm

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  I. Product Features

  1、Lamp beads adopt imported chips

  2、Oven wall mounted reflective material to enhance the curing efficiency

  3、Rotating tray, adjustable speed to ensure that the product can be cured on all sides.

  4、Human-machine interface, simple operation, digital display, intuitive and easy to understand

  5. see-through window, real-time observation of the product curing state, and there will be no violet light leakage

  6、Intelligent safety door protection, any mode of opening the door immediately shut down the UVLED