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Small uvled curing oven recommended

Click:[940] Publish Time:2023-09-07

  With the uv curing technology continues to develop and mature, more and more uv curing brands on the market, I recommend Height-led small uvled curing oven.

  Height-led curing oven uses imported lamp beads with long life. Output band concentration, high photoelectric conversion rate, fast curing speed.Light intensity 1-100% stepless adjustment, to meet the user's diverse, diversified and personalized uv curing needs.Cold light source is suitable for curing all kinds of heat-sensitive materials, and does not contain mercury, ozone and other harmful substances, green environmental protection.

uvled curing oven.png

  The uvled curing oven is ready to turn on and off, no need to preheat, the switch does not affect the life. Equipment support failure record archive, users can query at any time, improve work efficiency. Low energy consumption, almost no maintenance costs, effectively help users to reduce operating costs.

  In addition, uv curing equipment is equipped with see-through window, users can observe the product curing status in real time. Intelligent safety door protection function, alarm buzzer, etc., to standardize the use process.

  Height-led small uvled curing oven has been widely used in many fields such as jewelry, medical devices and consumables, industrial accessories, eyes, animation handcrafts, semiconductor chips and so on.

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