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Factors affecting the effect of UV curing machine and maintenance methods

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With the rapid development of the industrial economy, the application of UV lamps has become more and more extensive, and they are widely used in the coating industry, printing plates and advertising printing, and UV lamps have attracted much attention as the main components of the printing industry. However, what influences the curing effect of the UV curing machine?


1. The 365nm wavelength spectrum of the UV machine is suitable for general curing inks (not suitable for inks with special spectral requirements such as ice, wrinkles, etc.). Excessive stray light of the UV lamp will affect the curing effect. It is recommended that customers conduct a curing test when choosing a UV machine to check whether the wavelength of the UV machine meets the curing requirements.


2. The power of the UV machine. Generally, the power required for the ink of the UV curing machine is 80-120w/cm. Excessive energy of the curing machine will cause the embrittlement of the UV ink, and the light curing energy is too low to achieve a complete curing effect.


3. There is also a suction device. When the UV lamp emits ultraviolet rays, it will also generate a lot of heat, which will increase the temperature in the body. The UV machine is equipped with an exhaust device above the UV lamp tube, and it will be cured through the exhaust pipe The ozone generated in the process is discharged outdoors, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down. When the substrate is too thin or the temperature resistance requirement is very low, a curing test is required to determine whether it can meet the requirements. For substrates with higher temperature requirements, we can undertake special processing. A quartz glass plate is installed under the lamp tube to cool down and further filter stray light.


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The regular maintenance of gravure uv equipment is also called periodic maintenance, which is a maintenance measure that is carried out according to the plan with the operator as the mainstay and the equipment maintenance worker as the auxiliary. The following will explain in detail the overhaul of the gravure UV equipment and some maintenance methods.


Its main content includes UVLED curing machine:

(1) Maintain the vulnerable parts of the equipment, disassemble and inspect key parts;


(2) Thoroughly clean the exterior and interior, and dredge the oil, water, steam, and glue lines;


(3) Clean and replace the oil felt, oil line, oil filter, water pipe, steam pipe and rubber pipeline;


(4) Adjust the gap of each part;


(5) Fasten parts of various parts;


(6) The electrical part is maintained by an electrician.


Gravure UV equipment maintenance requirements: in order to extend the service life of the machine, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure the processing quality of the product.


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The maintenance personnel and operators of gravure uv equipment should cooperate with the following points:

1. Every time the gravure UV equipment is turned on, check the equipment for any abnormalities. If there is any abnormality, the UV curing machine should contact the maintenance personnel to eliminate it before working.


2. Start running continuously for half an hour, and observe whether the indicators and indicator lights are normal and there is no abnormal sound. If abnormalities are found, they should be checked immediately.


3. After the operation, clean up and check whether there is any residual dirt in the machine. Do not wash the machine body and work site with water. Beware of damp, damage and electric shock accidents in electrical appliances.


4. The gravure UV equipment has a high-voltage steady flow device. The operator must wear insulating shoes or put an insulating board on the ground when working to prevent accidents.


5. Clean the panel at least once a month and check whether the screws of each part are loose.


6. Carry out a major overhaul at least once a year, remove all the transmission components, thoroughly clean and refill the lubricant. When assembling the transmission components, be sure to maintain a lubricating fit between the rotating parts.


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