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200*30mm uv led curing area light sources


uv led curing area light sources Product Model:HTCS-II-FS20030-NH Curing area:200 * 30mm * 2 Wave length:365nm

Product SurveySpecification ParameterProduct Dimension Drawing

  一、Equipment features

  1、the device supports UVLED current real-time monitoring, UVLED fault alarm function and energy-saving protection function.

  2、the device provides continuous mode and back-end mode optional, continuous mode, click the start button, UV machine conveyor belt and UVLED has been working, click the stop button to stop the UV machine work; back-end mode, click the start button, UV machine conveyor belt and UVLED began to work, when the back-end sensor senses the product, the conveyor belt and UVLED stop working, when the product is taken away to continue into the next When the product is taken away, it will continue to enter the next cycle. 

  3、the equipment has digital dimming, delayed shutdown fan heat fan, historical irradiation time query and other functions.  

  二、the light source characteristics  

  1、Efficient and energy-saving  

  UVLED output wavelength concentration, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving and power saving, fast curing speed, high production efficiency.  

  2、wide range of applications  

  UVLED is a cold light source, low infrared heat radiation, will not cause thermal stress and deformation of the work, suitable for curing of various types of heat-sensitive materials.  

  3、Long life  

  UVLED long service life, reduce the investment cost of equipment. Ready to turn on and off, no preheating, the number of switches does not affect the service life. 

  4、Green and environmental protection.