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Which industries are used in the curing opportunity of Height-LED UVLED line light source?

Click:[787] Publish Time:2022-01-18

The wavelength range of Height-LED UVLED line light source curing machine is mainly concentrated in the 365nm, 395nm and 405nm bands (special cases can be customized), and the wavelengths and size specifications used in different fields are also different. Today, the editor will briefly introduce the characteristics and application fields of UVLED line light source curing machine.


Features of UVLED line light source curing machine


1. Height-LED UVLED line light source curing machine has stable output, stable illumination, uniform energy, and low power consumption. The device can be instantly lit when in use.


2. It can be used immediately without preheating before use, while the traditional UV mercury lamp irradiation must be preheated for more than ten minutes before use, which greatly affects the work efficiency.


3. Safe and environmentally friendly, it does not contain heavy metal elements such as toxic substances "mercury", and there is no "ozone" gas discharge. It is a cleaner and environmentally friendly new energy that replaces the traditional mercury lamp curing.


4. It occupies a small space, and its size and volume are only one-fifth of the traditional UV light source. The installation is relatively simple, and it can be used when the power is turned on.


5. The independent heat exhaust fan design can meet the needs of high-intensity work, ensure that the UVLED line light source curing machine can run smoothly, and prolong the service life of the equipment.


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UVLED line light source curing machine application field


1. 3C products, electronic components, PCB circuit boards, and LED liquid crystal displays are also bonded to the surface of substrates.


2. UV paint and UV varnish curing in furniture industry.


3. UV ink curing in the packaging and printing industry.


4. In the optical optical communication industry, for the bonding and curing of optical fiber lines, some metal materials, plastics, and laminated glass can also be cured by using the Height-LED UVLED line light source curing machine.


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