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What are the safety protection functions of Height-LED UVLED curing machine?

Click:[1078] Publish Time:2022-05-30

In the case of the same curing effect, the price of UVLED curing machine may be high or low. If the price is too low, you need to check whether the configuration has been reduced in terms of security. As a manufacturer of UVLED curing machines, Height-LED has accumulated more than ten years of experience in the field of UVLED curing. From start to finish, we put safety and stability first in our products. Therefore, Height-LED UVLED curing machine is equipped with a variety of safety protection functions, including temperature protection and lamp bead abnormal protection, making your curing faster and safer.

Height-LED UVLED curing machine mainly has the following safety protection functions:

temperature protection

In order to ensure that the UVLED curing machine fails due to high temperature, Height-LED installs as many temperature sensors as possible on the same substrate to obtain accurate lamp bead temperatures; at the same time, the high-performance main control unit collects the temperature of each monitoring point in real time, and communicates with the temperature of each monitoring point in real time. guard points for comparison. Once the temperature is too high, turn off the lamp head quickly, and the protection is timely and effective.

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Therefore, when Height-LED UVLED curing machine temperature sensor or circuit is abnormal (such as short circuit, open circuit), the system will actively alarm to remind the operator to deal with the problem in time to avoid more serious consequences.

Lamp bead abnormal protection

The Height-LED UVLED curing machine has set abnormal protection for the lamp beads, that is, when one lamp bead in the lamp bead string is broken, it will cause the lamp bead string to not light up.

Whether it is an open circuit or a short circuit, some lamp beads will not work, resulting in a decrease in intensity. When there is no protection and alarm function, the "sick" lamp head module will lead to batch problems of the product, and the trouble will be endless.

As a manufacturer of UVLED curing equipment, Shenzhen Height-LED is committed to providing customers with a complete set of curing solutions. The products have standard products and can also customize products according to customer needs. If you have UVLED curing requirements, you can contact online customer service, or call for consultation and exchange.