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About UV Printing

Click:[1315] Publish Time:2018-11-15

           UV printing is a printing process that uses UV light to  cure ink. It requires inks containing photosensitizers to be combined with UV curing lamps. Currently, UV inks cover offset printing, screen printing, inkjet, pad printing, etc. The UV in the printing industry refers to the printing effect process, which is to apply a layer of varnish (light, matte, mosaic crystal, glitter powder, etc.) on a printed pattern you want, mainly to increase Brightness and artistic effect and  protect the surface of the product, its hardness, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, etc. Some coated products are now changed to UV, which is environmental protection , but UV products are not easy to bond, some can only deal with partially UV or polishing . UV is commonly used in books, book printing, business cards LOGO, etc.