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What are the Application Characteristics of UV LED Surface Light Source?

Click:[939] Publish Time:2019-09-04

1、The traditional LAMP mode has high power and small heat dissipation surface. 

      It can not quickly derive heat and fast light decay. The same power of UV LED surface light source, 

      heat dissipation effect is very good. Life expectancy can reach 25,000-30,000 hours. 

      The service life is not affected by the number of times of opening and closing. 

      Compared with the traditional LAMP irradiator, the cable output has the advantages of frequent lamp 

      replacement, high power consumption and ultraviolet fiber output. 

      The cable output of UV LED can reduce the cost of equipment consumables 

      and provide equipment utilization ratio.

2、The peak of LED is 365 nm, the spectrum is 360 nm to 370 nm, and there is no infrared light, 

     so the surface of the irradiated product has no temperature rise, while the traditional LAMP 

     ultraviolet irradiator will generally raise the surface of the irradiated product by 60-90 degrees, 

     which will displace the positioning of the product and cause bad product.

3. Many LED light-emitting points are evenly distributed, and many of them are professional lens 

    groups for optimum design of ultraviolet irradiation. The illumination is uniform. The variation 

    of illumination intensity of edge and center is not more than 3%,  which is incomparable with 

    mercury lamp.

4. Light output is stable, illumination is stronger, energy is higher, uniformity is better,instantaneous 

    lighting, instantaneous 100% power ultraviolet output, irradiation intensity can reach 1200mw/cm2, 

    effective luminous efficiency is more than 10 times of mercury lamp, improve work efficiency.

5. The shape and size of the luminous region can be customized according to the user's needs.

6. UV LED light source does not need lamp preheating and does not contain toxic mercury. 

    UV LED surface light source is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to 

    traditional light source technology, which meets the requirements of energy saving and

    environmental protection.

7. The volume of UV LED controller is about 1/8 of that of the traditional LAMP irradiator, 

    which makes the installation of the equipment  simpler and reduces the occupied area 

    of the production site. The irradiator fully considers the space requirements of precision 

    production, so that the installation of equipment is more convenient. In addition, the small

    irradiator adopts fan heat dissipation design, which fully guarantees the energy stability 

    and service life of  LED irradiation for a long time.