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UV printing and UV glazing features

Click:[1065] Publish Time:2019-10-16

     UV printing and UV glazing have been developed to date and have been widely used in China. Its application has the following characteristics.

  1. Fast curing speed

     UV inks and UV coatings are fully cured in as little as 1 second to several seconds, making them ideal for printing on non-absorbent substrates

  and especially for multi-color high-speed printing. When printing aluminum foil paper (or aluminum foil paperboard), if ordinary ink is used, it takes

  several hours or even 24 hours to completely dry after printing, and then it can be processed in the next process; instead, it is printed by UV ink, 

  and it is printed immediately after printing. It can be cured and dried to improve production efficiency.

  2. UV printing and UV glazing consume low energy and moderate price

     Both UV inks and UV coatings do not contain solvents. Heat is not required for curing. The energy required for curing is only about 20% of solvent-based 

  inks and solvent-based coatings. Although UV inks and UV coatings are sold at higher prices. However, due to the low energy consumption and high utilization 

  rate required for curing, the price is still acceptable.

  3. High efficiency and good quality

     The UV printing has a short production cycle, high production capacity, clear printing dots, good friction resistance and corrosion resistance of the

  printing ink layer, and high gloss. It is difficult for ordinary inks to achieve UV printing. For example, UV-like metal etching ink is used for screen 

  printing, and the printed matter has good stereoscopic effect and strong metal texture, which is elegant and rich.

     The UV glazing quality is also better than the solvent glazing quality, which has an effect that is difficult to match with the coating.

  4. UV printing is green printing

     Since neither the UV ink nor the UV coating oil contains a solvent, there is no problem of solvent evaporation, so there is no pollution to the atmosphere; 

  at the same time, since the dusting is eliminated, the working environment is greatly improved, and the machine caused by dusting is reduced. Wear and tear; 

  in addition, papers with UV printing and UV glazing can be recycled after being recycled by the paper mill, reducing waste of resources.

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