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uvled area curing system_uv curing equipment 160x40mm


This is a high-performance UVLED system. The system\'s UVLED irradiation head is integrated with imported high-intensity ultraviolet LEDs. The UV spectrum wavelength is 395nm, forced air cooling is adopted, and the effective curing area is 160X40mm. It supports external signal input and triggering, and can be equipped with semi-automatic Or fully automatic production line.

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   UVLED curing surface light source equipment characteristics

1. No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for curing all kinds of heat 

    sensitive materials.

2. No warm-up is required when starting up, and it is ready to use immediately, 

    reaching the maximum light intensity instantaneously.

3. Power saving, simple and easy to control.

4. Mercury-free, ozone-free, safe and environmentally friendly.

uvled curing equipment.jpg

uvled curing equipment.jpg