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UV LED curing machine (400 x 200)


Model HTCS-II-FN400200-NH is a UV LED curing machine with a luminous area of 400mmx200mm and a wavelength of 395nm.

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I. Equipment features

1. The equipment supports real-time monitoring of UVLED temperature, UVLED failure alarm function and energy-saving protection function.

2. equipment to provide continuous mode and fixed irradiation mode optional, continuous mode, click the start button, UV machine conveyor belt and UVLED has been working, click the stop button to stop the UV machine work; fixed irradiation mode, click the start button, UV machine conveyor belt began to work, when the material inspection sensor sensor senses the product, the conveyor belt stops, the UVLED began to irradiate and timed, timing to After the time is up, the conveyor belt will start, and if no product is inspected within N seconds (the time can be set), the UVLED will be turned off, otherwise, the UVLED will keep running.

3. The equipment has digital dimming, delayed shutdown fan heat fan, history of irradiation time query and other functions.

Second, the light source characteristics

1. Energy efficient

UVLED output band concentration, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving, fast curing speed, high productivity.

2. Wide range of application

UVLED is a cold light source, low infrared heat radiation, will not cause thermal stress and deformation, suitable for all kinds of heat-sensitive materials curing.

3. Long life

UVLEDs have a long service life, reducing the investment cost of equipment. It can be turned on and off without preheating, and the number of switching times does not affect the service life.

4. Green

Comply with RoHS, no mercury.