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UVLED curing system_365nm_water cooling


UVLED desktop curing machine, the system mainly includes control system, UVLED irradiation head and conveyor belt. The UVLED irradiation head of this machine adopts imported high-intensity UV LED integration, the spectrum is 365nm, and it adopts forced water cooling to dissipate heat. The effective curing area is 900X30mm. It supports external signal input and triggering. It can be equipped with semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines. The conveyor belt is made of Teflon.

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Features of UVLED curing machine:

1. UVLED has high photoelectric conversion rate, concentrated energy output, energy saving and electricity saving.

2. UVLED does not need to be preheated and can be used immediately.

3. UVLED has a long service life, which can exceed 20,000 hours, which is 10-20 times that of traditional UV lamps, reducing equipment replacement costs.

4. UVLED is a cold light source, which does not generate a lot of heat and affects the material of the cured item, and can be applied to the curing of heat-sensitive materials.

5. The UVLED curing machine is equipped with a Teflon conveyor belt, which can cure the products in large quantities, and the speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted to improve production efficiency.

6. The energy output of UVLED is concentrated, the curing speed is fast, and the production efficiency is improved.

7. The UVLED curing machine adopts PLC control mode, which is easy to operate and save labor.

8. The UVLED curing machine adopts an integrated structure, which can be used only by installing the light source; the bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which is easy to move and install.