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What are the features of the UV UV curing machine?

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  What are the features of the UV UV curing machine

  What is an ultraviolet uv curing machine? An ultraviolet UVLED curing machine is a UV emitting device designed for the curing of light curing coatings. It can cure by the free polymerization of unsaturated groups of pre-polymerization and substances, can make it dissolved ethylene molecular body and light sensitizing substances and other components of the paint, generally used with the addition of photosensitizer unsaturated polyester resin, unsaturated alkyd resin and denaturing epoxy resin and other light-curing coatings, then, UV UV curing machine has the following characteristics.

  1、Increased surface hardness of the painted object and bright colour. 

  2 instant drying: eliminating the need to wait for drying time, greatly reducing the painting process time.  

  3a wide range of drying functions: wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, lenses, leather, etc. after the use of UV paint coating drying.  

  4Direct matching with the coating machine: it can be connected with roller type or sprinkler type coating machine, and the finished product can be dried directly after painting, eliminating the trouble of handling.  

  Because it cures at room temperature, objects with poor heat resistance and objects with large heat capacity can be used. UV-curable coatings are essentially cured by UV light without direct heating. The infra-red rays emitted from the UV curing machine, in addition to the UV rays, cause the temperature of the curing room atmosphere and the temperature of the workpiece to rise, which can then be controlled to below 80°C by applying the applicable measures. As a result, paper, plastics and wood can be cured in a short time. The curing of workpieces with a high heat capacity is even more energy efficient. Curing times are typically under 20s, reducing the footprint and energy consumption of the equipment. UV curing machines are relatively simple and cheap to invest in and maintain.