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What coatings can be cured by uvled curing machines

Click:[1216] Publish Time:2023-03-13

 What coatings can be cured by uvled curing machines 

  As light curing technology and uvled coatings mature, more and more traditional coatings are being introduced with uvled coatings. Compared with traditional coatings and curing methods, the combination of uvled curing machine + uvled coatings is more suitable for automated production, uvled curing machine curing more environmentally friendly, faster curing speed and better curing results.

  Hite Ned small compilation of uvled curing machine can cure which coatings? I hope it will be useful to everyone.

  1、paper coatings 

  This is a fast-growing coating. uvled light coating, a large amount, generally known as light-curing paper varnish, mainly used for magazines, packaging materials, labels and other surface varnish, improve its abrasion resistance, waterproof, so that the product is beautiful and durable.  

  2、Metal coating  

  Used for steel products and automotive corrosion protection, motorbike parts, instruments, cans box protection and decoration is uvled light curing coating development of another major direction is to make a variety of metal products elegantly replace the traditional paint. 

  3、Wood coatings 

  Generally include light-curing putty. Primer and topcoat, wood furniture uvled matte curing paint is usually matte curing paint . Semi-gloss or high gloss requirements; wood flooring in addition to matte (or high gloss) . According to its wear resistance is divided into ordinary wear-resistant type and high wear-resistant type . High scratch resistance. Selection of different light-curing resins and additives, can meet the requirements of different performance.  

  4、Plastic coatings  

  Including ordinary plastics and engineering plastics with light-curing coatings, substrates PET, PVC, ABS, PP, PMMA, PC, etc., uvled light-curing coatings to give the surface of the workpiece high hardness, high gloss, high abrasion resistance, not easy to scratch and other properties, while giving it a beautiful decorative effect.

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