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In-line Visual Dispensing UV Curing Machine

Click:[1078] Publish Time:2023-09-20

  Introduce the advantages of height-led in-line visual dispensing uv curing machine.

       1、The equipment has intelligent safety door protection function, air pressure alarm, no glue alarm, self-diagnosis function of abnormal point.

  2、The device supports multi-valve applications and is compatible with pneumatic injection valves, piezo valves, ejector dispensing valves, screw valves and more.

  3、The device supports two-section track, SMEMA online function.

  4、The device supports laser distance measurement and automatically adapts to changes in substrate height and product height.

  5、According to the product process, the equipment can choose single MARK, double MARK, three MARK points, a variety of corrective algorithms, accurate positioning.

  6、The device supports external scanning guns and cameras, and can be integrated into the MES system.

In-line Visual Dispensing UV Curing Machine.png

  7、Dispensing trajectory programming supports both graphical drawing and visual instructing, and supports sub-task arrays for rapid generation of machining trajectories.

  8、The equipment supports automatic cleaning of dispensing valves, and the cleaning process can be customized according to the number of dispensing times or intervals.

  9、The device supports glue valve offset setting and wizard operation to quickly calibrate the dispensing trajectory.

  10、The device supports multi-color light source options (white, blue, red) to adapt to different product image modeling.

  11、UVLED curing supports 1%-100% adjustable light power, adjustable irradiation time, and automatic sensing of the product to turn the light on and off automatically.

  12、Running speed 0-500mm/s can be set.

  13、The device supports automatic track width adjustment.