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uvled dispensing curing machine,cell culture dish assembly


The uvled dispensing and curing automation equipment is used for the assembly of cell culture dishes. The uvled curing replaces traditional ultrasonic welding, with uniform heating and high air tightness. Multi-module assembly, one machine with multiple uses, saving cost.

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1. Use UV glue to seal instead of the traditional ultrasonic welding process, with low noise and low power consumption.

2. Solve the problems of uneven heating, inadequate dissolution, and poor air tightness that often occur in ultrasonic welding,

   and improve the good rate of products.

3. Using multi-module assembly, the device integrates assembly of the bottom cover, middle cover, top cover and glue curing

    into one machine, realizing multiple uses of one machine, saving machine and labor costs.

                             assembly of cell culture dish.jpg