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uvled spot curing system(fan cooling)


This UV LED spot curing system adopts LED light-emitting method, and different power LEDs with wavelengths of 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm can be selected to cure different UV glues, UV inks, UV varnishes, UV paints, and so on.

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  Product introduction of UV LED spot curing system(thermal irradiation head):

  Hightnite UV LED spot curing system with a self-developed controller, HTLD-4II is a high-performance UV LED spot curing system curing equipment, the equipment mainly contains a controller, UVLED irradiation head, UV paint, UV adhesive, UV ink, UV paint and so on.

  The equipment mainly contains the controller, UVLED irradiation head and connection line.

  1. UVLED irradiation head using imported high-intensity UV LED lamp beads integrated, with high energy, light source stability and other characteristics;

  2. UV LED point curing system spectral wavelengths of 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm optional, according to your wavelength needs to choose.

  3、Support external signal input and triggering, can be equipped with semi-automatic or fully automatic production line use.

  4、Ultraviolet LED point curing system adopts touch screen control mode, power adjustable (0%-100%), free to set the irradiation time. The equipment is small in size, easy to install, and can be used with the assembly line workshop.


  Product advantages

  1、Imported led lamp beads

  High energy, strong light, stable light source and other characteristics.

  2、Long service life

  The service life of uvled is long, its use time is above 20000H on average, while the use time of mercury lamp is around 800H on average, which reduces the investment cost of equipment. Ready to use, no need to warm up, and the number of switches does not affect the service life.

  And the number of switch does not affect the service life.

  3. high efficiency and energy saving

  UVLED output band concentration, electrical energy through the led chip, high photoelectric conversion rate, energy saving, power consumption is about one-tenth of the traditional uv mercury lamp, fast curing speed, good results, high production efficiency.

  Good, high production efficiency.

  4. single-band LED ultraviolet light source

  Common band 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, no heat radiation, can be customized according to customer demand band;

  5、Multi-channel working mode

  Standard with a tow four UVLED light source equipment, according to the actual use of the situation, choose 1-8 irradiation head alone or synchronous work, no need to repeat the purchase of light source equipment, effective cost savings;.

  6、UVLED curing light source without heat radiation

  UVLED is a cold light source, using high-power LED lamp beads, emitting 365/385/395/405nm single-band ultraviolet light source, no infrared heat radiation, will not cause thermal stress and product deformation, suitable for heat-sensitive material surfaces.

  No infrared heat radiation, will not cause thermal stress and product deformation, suitable for heat-sensitive material surface drying

  7、Small size, small footprint

  UVLED curing machine covers an area far less than the traditional UV mercury lamp tubes, can be customized shape size and irradiation area, the average size of the UV lamp type of about 1/10. Light weight, small physical strength, suitable for use in different working environments.

  Suitable for use in different working environments.


  In line with RoHs, does not contain mercury, metal hazardous substances, the use of ozone will not be produced, green environmental protection.